Dr. Karla Steingraber, Psy.D.

Karla Steingraber

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Northbrook, IL 60062

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Dr. Karla Steingraber is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and a certified Mental Game Coach. Or, as a others like to say about her, she’s “a freaking superhero. You push people’s boundaries in the best way, helping them grow.”

As a sport psychologist, Dr. Steingraber helps people perform their best on the field and off. She drives clients to success by helping them recognize the connection between their feelings and actions. She expertly guides people to articulate their needs and goals, helping them to face and overcome fears or mixed emotions that can lead to self-sabotage.

As a certified Mental Game Coach (IMGCA), Dr. Steingraber teaches clients to identify mental barriers. She provides a proven mental skills system to improve performance in competition and to help build confidence and maximize performance.

Dr. Steingraber’s deep insight is informed by her own experience as a competitive athlete, having competed in horseback riding, skiing and marathon running. She’s also trained in social and ballroom dance and enjoys weightlifting and working with a personal trainer to build strength. She is insightful, compassionate, and driven to bring you results.