Dr. Jeffrey A. Fishbein, Psy.D. PC

Dr. Jeffrey A. Fishbein, Psy.D. PC

“I am fascinated with the ingredients associated with success and high performance. For years, I have studied and researched what conditions are necessary for high performers to achieve at their maximum level. Themes that surfaced have enabled me to use that knowledge with a plethora of clients looking to become the best they are capable of becoming.”

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Dr. Jeffrey A. Fishbein is a nationally recognized sport/performance psychologist who works with athletes across the continuum. In 2010, Dr. Fishbein was hired as the Sport Psychologist for the Chicago White Sox Baseball Organization and continues in that role today. From 2000-2002, Dr. Fishbein worked for the Montreal Expos and over the next decade, Dr. Fishbein worked in the same capacity for the Florida Marlins where he was instrumental in creating the culture leading to the 2003 World Series championship team. In addition to his affiliations with professional organizations, Dr. Fishbein was the head Sport Psychologist at Northwestern University from 2002-2013. At Northwestern, Dr. Fishbein worked with the university's athletes in all twenty sports in order to improve their performance and functioning both as students as well as athletes. During his tenure, his clients won Big-Ten and National Championships at both individual and team levels.

As the founder of Fishbein & Associates Performance Consulting, Dr. Fishbein has hired a team of professionals to address the needs of the population looking to become the best they are capable of becoming. For more than two decades, athletes of all ages, as well as musicians, artists, salespeople, executives, and organizations have sought out Dr. Fishbein’s expertise to create the changes desired. The partnership between Dr. Fishbein and his clients allows for the continued improvements in their journey towards mastery.

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