Success in Sports, Business, and Life

Fishbein & Associates Performance Consulting ("FAPC") was founded by Dr. Jeffrey Fishbein in order to help people improve and enhance their performance, whether in the world of sports, business, or life. As a nationally recognized sport psychologist, Dr. Fishbein has consulted with individuals and families, executives and athletes, and corporations and teams in order to maximize performance across environments.


Performance/Sport Psychology

Fishbein & Associates Performance Consulting believes that athletes can improve performances by learning how to use their mind to create high achievement experiences. Combining approaches from a variety of theoretical orientations teaches performers to allow their instincts to take over while they learn to quiet their minds.

About Fishbein & Associates

Florida Marlins Superbowl Ring 2003Dr. Jeffrey Fishbein is a nationally recognized sport psychology consultant. For over twenty years, he has been in the practice of improving the performance of athletes across all age groups, from middle school and high school athletes, to those performing on the collegiate and professional stage. With the growing demand for clinicians able to work with this unique population, Dr. Fishbein founded Fishbein & Associates Performance Consulting, a multi-speciality group addressing the needs of athletes and performers across the continuum.

Clinical Psychology

Dr. Fishbein is a licensed clinical psychologist and a partner in the practice of Drs. Gault, Fishbein, & Associates. He works primarily with older children, adolescents, and adults with a wide variety of clinical presentations.