Dr. Jeffrey A. Fishbein & Associates considers all those with whom we work as individuals to be viewed holistically. Our approach looks at clients not simply as individuals who present with a symptom to be treated, but rather as a story needing to be understood. We offer a wide variety of services to meet the needs of all our clients. Our therapists provide individual psychotherapy, as well as marital, family, and group therapy. Our practice has a diagnostician who provides complete neuropsychological and psychoeducational evaluations for school-aged children through college-aged adults and beyond. These evaluations include recommendations for home, school, career, and therapy. Dr. Jeffrey A. Fishbein & Associates also provides high school students with a college counseling expert in order to help them through the process of applying to college. This begins sophomore or junior year in high school researching the best fit schools, then continues into senior year working through the application process, and ultimately ends after the student is accepted into the college of their choice.

We very much look forward to finding the joy in your journey towards greater levels of life satisfaction. If there is anything you would like to see added to what we currently offer, please let us know as we continue growing into the future.

Psychotherapy for Children and Adolescents:

  1. Coping with mood and anxiety disorders, behavior problems, and anger management
  2. Managing ADHD, executive functioning, and other learning differences
  3. Improving academic success and performance/motivation at school
  4. Working on social skills and relationships with parents, siblings and peers
  5. Enhancing problem solving skills and providing assertiveness training
  6. Building self-confidence by focusing on strengths and potential
  7. Providing support for those who experience teasing and bullying

Psychotherapy for Adults and Couples:

  1. Dealing with mood and anxiety disorders, and anger management difficulties
  2. Improving relationships and marriages
  3. Improving interpersonal communication and reducing conflict
  4. Managing, planning, and communicating through change
  5. Coping with family crises, grief, loss, and divorce/blended family concerns
  6. Dealing with work related issues
  7. Enhancing supervisory and management skills
  8. Balancing home and work
  9. Working on issues related to self-confidence, personal growth, and self-awareness
  10. Understanding the impact of childhood issues on adult life struggles

Parent Education and Training:

  1. Improving problem solving and conflict resolution in the family
  2. Improving self-control in parents and children
  3. Identifying, setting, and reinforcing reasonable limits
  4. Improving interpersonal communication and reducing conflict
  5. Managing, planning, and communicating through change
  6. Understanding what to expect at each stage of development

Psychoeducational/Neuropsychological Testing Services:
(Children and Adolescents)

  1. Identifying cognitive and academic areas of strength and weakness
  2. Assessing learning problems and learning differences
  3. Ruling-out ADHD, Executive Functioning Deficits, Autism spectrum disorders, Non-Verbal learning disabilities, processing disorders, and sensory disintegration
  4. Assessing brain functioning in areas of reading, speaking, understanding, and attention
  5. Assessing mood/anxiety disorders, personality issues, and behavioral problems
  6. Providing comprehensive reports and recommendations for parents, students, and schools
  7. Assisting with accommodations for academic success and/or standardized testing (504 Plans and IEP, ACT and SAT accommodations and continuation of 504 Plans and IEP for college and graduate school).
  8. Providing updated assessments (re-evaluations) of previously diagnosed disabilities

For more information on our Psychoeducational/Neuropsychological Testing Services, please click here.

Psychoeducational/Neuropsychological Testing Services:

  1. Assessment and diagnosis of cognitive, occupational, emotional, social, and behavioral issues
  2. Assess brain functioning in areas of reading, speaking, understanding, and paying attention
  3. Provide career assessments that identify strengths, talents, and best learning/work styles
  4. Identify interpersonal/relationship style(s)
  5. Assess patterns in cognition and behavior that could be improved with therapeutic services
  6. Assist with career decision, directions, and changes
  7. Provide pre-marital assessments that help couples understand their style of relating to one another

For more information on our Psychoeducational/Neuropsychological Testing Services, please click here.

School Consultation:

  1. Reduce bullying in schools
  2. Prepare students for upcoming changes and transitions
  3. Work with social workers and teachers to support student achievement and well-being
  4. Help students cope with local, national, or international events
  5. Help students cope with school crises
  6. Support students in developing and demonstrating leadership, compassion, and cooperation

College Admissions Consulting:

  1. Provide personalized advice, timelines, and oversight at every stage of the complex, ever-changing college admission process
  2. Create a well-rounded school list and strategize application cycles
  3. Brainstorm unique essay topics and help students craft and edit memorable essays
  4. Help students use each part of the application to stand out in a competitive applicant pool
  5. Review applications, navigate standardized test options, and conduct interview prep
  6. Lead aspiring college athletes through the application and recruiting process

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Executive Function Coaching Services:

  1. Identifying student’s strengths and challenges with school and life
  2. Organizing assignments and improving time management and accountability
  3. Becoming proficient with Google Calendar using tasks, reminders, and alarms
  4. Gaining confidence and self-esteem with a growth mindset
  5. Improving grades with goal setting and weekly monitoring

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