“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength,
not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.” -Vince Lombardi


  • I started seeing Dr. Fishbein after a bad start to the season. I heard about him through a teammate and thought that this area is one I really never worked on being a professional. Since we began, my season has turned around and I now understand the importance of using your mind correctly. My mind used to interfere and slow me down, now I use it to help me perform. I can’t thank Doc enough for what he has provided to me.

    Professional Football Player

    National Football League
  • I saw Dr. Fishbein when I played college golf. I have been on mini-tours and have played a number of events on the PGA Tour. I have used sport psychologists before but there has been no one who understands the game and the mind like Dr. Fishbein does. He completely changed my approach to the game and I know there will be a day when I play on the big tour much in part because of my relationship with Dr. Fish.

    Professional Golfer

  • The game of baseball is very team oriented. However, as a pitcher, you often feel the individual pressures that at times can be unraveling. Early on in my career these times frustrated me to no end. This is where my relationship with Dr. Fishbein began. Through both his expertise as well as my own efforts, I was able to develop a positive and consistent approach to SUCCESS!!! The subsequent years were filled with many great accolades and achievements such as a World Series title, an all-star selection, Cy Young consideration, and a very lucrative contract signed with the New York Yankees. I realize that my career will not last forever but my relationship with Dr. Fishbein will!!!!

    Major League Pitcher

    World Series Champion
  • I have known Dr. Fish for years. He was the sport psych for the team I played on and then after being traded I continue to use his talents to help me keep my mindset right. There is no more difficult thing in sports than hitting a baseball and Doc Fish helped me simplify things at the plate and show me how to use my mind better. The mind can make or break you in this game and I finally learned how to let it help me with Dr. Fish’s help.

    Major League Baseball Player

    World Series Champion
  • Dr. Fishbein has been a great resource for our golf program and all of our athletes at Northwestern. His level of expertise in sport psychology is unsurpassed, but even more important and impressive are his levels of commitment, caring, and passion. I have always highly recommended Dr. Fishbein to any athlete or person looking to improve their performance and will continue to do so.

    Pat Goss

    Director of Northwestern Golf
    Head Men's Golf Coach
    Top 100 Golf Instructors
    Northwestern University
  • Dr. Fishbein has been instrumental in helping our team and individuals stay focused on our ultimate goal of winning a National Championship. Dr. Fishbein worked well with my coaching staff to create concepts and exercises for the players that fit well with our philosophy. His techniques are unique and insightful. I found it extremely helpful for those players that just needed a small boost to gain the confidence to become an impact player.

    Kelly Amonte-Hiller

    Northwestern Lacrosse Head Coach
    2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011 National Champion
    2010 National Champion Runner-Up
  • During my junior year, I lost my starting spot. It was very difficult for me to deal with. By the time my senior year rolled around, I couldn't talk about lacrosse without getting visibly upset. Finally, I decided I needed to do something. I sought out Dr. Fishbein and began having weekly meetings with him. I remember my first meeting was filled with my excuses, negativity, and resentment toward the sport. Dr. Fishbein taught me a few exercises that allowed me to stay in the moment and to focus on the task at hand. My play began to improve and I was thinking less negatively. In a storybook season, I had my own Cinderella tale. The first game of the season, I didn't play a single second. Normally, I would have been crushed and it would have ruined my season. My meetings with Dr. Fishbein truly made me see things differently. As the season went on, my playing time increased as my mental attitude improved. My coach even had enough faith in me to change my position from defense to midfield. I can't thank Dr. Fishbein enough. He helped to facilitate my dream. On May 22, 2005, I started at midfield for the Northwestern Wildcats. On that day, we made history. We won the National Championship, and I had no regrets.

    Northwestern Lacrosse Player

    2005 Graduate and National Champion
  • Learning to think correctly on the golf course is a major factor in reaching one's fullest potential. Dr. Fishbein has helped me personally, and has also been very instrumental in the progress of many of the students I send to him. As a psychologist who also happens to play and compete in golf for the past 30 years himself, he is the perfect fit for anyone (amateur or professional) who wants to improve their game and achieve great results.

    Brett Packee

    2008 Illinois PGA Teacher of the Year
    PGA Professional
    Founder CORE Golf, Inc.
  • Dr. Fishbein's development of an employment screening predictor has been an invaluable resource for our company. For over 7 years, we have been able to hire more qualified applicants resulting from his employment profile, and consequently, our employees are more productive and effective at the work they are requested to perform. As well as predicting candidates that fit well into our organization, it has also been very effective at indicating those who are unlikely to thrive with us.

    Paul Redwood

    National Vice President/Sales
    Primesource Building Products, Inc.