“The great thing in the world is not so much where we stand,
as in what direction we are moving.”-Oliver Wendell Holmes

Sport Psychology

Sport Psychology is the application of psychological and mental principles in order to facilitate and enhance an athlete's performance. The main purpose of such services is to teach mental strategies that either reinforce the practices of successful athletes or assist those who are struggling with an aspect of their performance. As a nationally recognized sport psychology consultant, Dr. Fishbein works with many high school, collegiate, and professional athletes in order to help them reach their fullest potential. Many of Dr. Fishbein's clients have set personal bests, ended a long term "slump," won championships, and have been awarded the highest accolades in their respective sports. Fishbein & Associates Performance Consulting is designed to provide these services in a professional, dedicated, and efficient manner with the goal of achieving consistently successful performances for their clients.