“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” -Lao Tzu


Fishbein & Associates Performance ConsultingWelcome to the new website of Fishbein & Associates Performance Consulting. I would like to take a moment to talk about our philosophy and its relationship to our practice logo. We believe in the approach of continual improvement on a daily basis; making small strides today that yield greater outcomes tomorrow. In the above logo, the red line represents a curve that approaches a vertical line to infinity, but will never touch nor intersect the vertical line. We view that line as an outcome many of us desire to reach. So many of us however become fixated on that outcome which ultimately interferes with our chances of attainment. In sports, this outcome may be a final score in a round of golf, a season’s batting average on the diamond, a desired shooting percentage on the court, a victorious tennis match, and the list goes on. In business, this outcome may be making a sale, closing a deal, or earning a desired income for the year. In life, this outcome may be losing 20 pounds or having more success or wealth than your neighbors or friends.

The opposite of outcome would be process, and process is represented in the logo by the red curve. The process is about daily improvement and losing yourself in your activity. The goal then is neither to focus entirely on the outcome, nor to try and achieve it on a daily basis, but rather to engage in behavior demonstrating your interest, focus, and passion in that activity. If you learn to lock into doing something for the love of doing it and strive toward daily improvement, success will undoubtedly ensure. We call these successes “byproduct outcomes.” Our approach focuses on the red curve and not the vertical axis. The emphasis on the curve, otherwise stated as daily improvement or the process, is how you achieve and ultimately succeed. We look forward to taking you on this journey, a journey that evolves over time.

Dr. Jeffrey A. Fishbein
Founder and President
Fishbein & Associates Performance Consulting